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ANTM Icons

America's Next Top Model Icon Community

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America's Next Top Model Icons and Graphics community.

ANTM Icons is an icon and graphics community run by nephaline

I'll be going through the ANTM cycles and posting icons from the different shoots and at the end, also posting some icons from models who did work post-ANTM.

Credit Rules:
-Posting a comment on the entry and telling me which one you're snagging.
- If you're using the icons on LJ, a link to the community in your comment is awesome! It lets more people find the community! This is not required though.

-Feel free to post your comments about the icons. I'm interested in knowing anything you liked!
-Please just be respectful in your comments.
-Do not spam, flame, etc.
-Instead of posting ads for your own sites/communities in comments and/or entries, just contact me via message and maybe we can become affiliates instead.

I AM currently taking requests. So feel free to comment with it or send it via message!

I'll also be adding more girls to the interests part of the profile over time.